How is rheumatoid arthritis treated?

I am 45 years old this year, with swollen and painful joints in my hands and fingers, especially in the morning when I wake up with stiffness. I went to the doctor, the doctor diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis, heard that this disease can be disabling, so I was very worried. Could you please explain more about the disease and how to treat it?
Dang Thi Nhung ([email protected])

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic joint disease and a typical autoimmune disease with joint, extra-articular and systemic manifestations at different levels, complicated course, causing serious consequences. for the health of the patient. Typical symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are: swelling, heat, redness, pain caused by inflammation of the synovial membrane of the joints, starting from small joints such as the joints in the hands, wrists, hands – fingers, table – toe, knee joint, bilateral symmetry. Stiffness, difficulty moving joints in the morning when you first wake up, this symptom lasts for hours. Accompanied by joint symptoms are systemic symptoms such as fever, fatigue, paleness, and weight loss. The definitive diagnosis is a blood test for rheumatoid factor. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the sooner the medication is taken, the better. especially before the appearance of damage to articular cartilage and bone ends, because the drug can stop the progression of the disease, but cannot repair the actual damage already in the cartilage and bone ends. In addition, patients should combine with gentle exercise measures, physical therapy, rehabilitation, acupuncture, massage, oriental medicine … for the treatment to be more effective.

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